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A Cure For Poverty understands that time is of the essence. According to Unicef, 18,000 children die from poverty and disease each day around the world, thats why we must deliver brand new wealth and act now before its too late.

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A Cure For Poverty, using The Infinite Wealth Strategy, creates space for providing direct funding streams for humanitarian aid, conservation aid, and funding for major world problems including health and disease.

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A Cure For Poverty is not just a conduit for new wealth, it aims to deliver modern scaleable solutions to major global economic, poverty, and unemployment problems creating new and exciting opportunity without displacement.

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Welcome to ACureForPoverty.com, the modern solution to curing and managing global poverty.

We understand poverty is relative and that there will always be "poverty" where there is a limited supply of money.

The Infinite Wealth Strategy, The Interplanetary Loan To Value Scheme and Virtual Gold commodity was created by its founder to provide a method where wealth can be increased on demand to raise the lowest levels of poverty as population increases.

Today we face the second potential global recession within two decades, and this is likely to continue as global economic policy fails.

A Cure For Poverty has the tools, the knowledge and the experience to create brand new global industry, create 200+ million new jobs, and provide infinitely scalable wealth removing extreme poverty forever.

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Raising The Awareness Of The Cure For Poverty

Providing resources and information on how we can change the world providing access to new wealth and deliver new ways of eradicating baseline poverty,

Creating 100% Brand New International Wealth

Using the INFINITE WEALTH principal, A Cure For Poverty demonstrates how it is within our reach to provide access to abundant new wealth instantly.

Raising Money To Advance A Legal Framework

Fundraising and attracting funding to advance the Cure For Poverty with the development of a formal legal framework for global acceptance.

Working Alongside The Virtual Gold Founder

A Cure For Poverty works directly in partnership with the founder of Virtual Gold, Golfcoin, Infinite Wealth, Interplanetary Loan To Value Scheme and CCI.